Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love Your Shot! | Link-Up

I came across Love That Shot a few weeks back. I have been reading along (when the little one will allow!) and I have been loving the site! I decided this week to join in their Love Your Shot Link up just for fun! I love that Angie Arthur and Amy Locurto are judges this week! They are the founders of I Heart Faces! I am a big fan of I Heart Faces! I wish I was able to participate in more weekly photo challenges on both sites! But, for now, I am sneaking it in while I can!

Usually Love That Shot doesn't have a theme with their link-ups. But occasionally they will!!! The theme for this particular link- up is " photo of your favorite face(s)!".

I took Maddy outside this past week to see if maaaaaaaaaaaaybe she would let me get some shots of her. And luckily, she was cooperative {with the help of a yellow parasol that mommy hasn't let her play with before!}

Madison has been REALLY hard to photograph lately. Once she started walking, THAT was the end of it! To get her to sit still for me I gave her the yellow parasol. She LOVED it and she kept playing peek a boo! She was being so silly with it and I got tons of great shots! I just loved this one so much! I had her on the side of the house mid morning. So, we were in open shade. I used my Canon 5D Mark II to take this picture with the my 50mm 1.8 lens. The following were the settings I used:

Manual mode
F-Stop - F/2
Shutter speed - 1/160 sec.
ISO - 160

I shoot in RAW. So, I first opened the image in Lightroom 2 to adjust some light settings. Bumped the exposure a tad. Then I pulled it in to Photoshop CS5. There i used a few of my favorite actions! Phaunt Original Sunshine In Your Hand was the first one I used on this picture. I find that this action helps even out my lighting in certain pictures. It gives it a nice light pick me up! I then used Boost from Pioneer Woman's 1st set of free actions. I set it at a very low opacity. I believe it was 15%. Just enough to give a little more definition. Then I used a Vintage Love action from Autumn Love. I have in in *LOVE* with this action <3 But, I don't know if she offers it anymore. I got it a long time ago! {updated to add, the Vintage Love action is in her Sweet Spring Action Set}

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Shell said...

This is just adorable! Look at those eyes and little tongue poking out, lol.

Angie Ray said...

What a fun shot! Gorgeous processing, too, very soft and light. Love it!

Lizzi said...

She is adorable with beautiful eyes! The parasol is a great prop - love the bright color.

My son just turned 3 and he is quite a handful to photograph!

Jess GIlbert said...

Hey Laura, I love this one. I saw it on the Love Your Shot link-up. I have a thing for parasols but incredibly somehow do not have one as a prop, so I just gush over everyone else that has one. So sweet and fun!


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