Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Computer issues... and then some

If it isn't Facebook acting up and driving me nuts, it is just my computer in general! I have been having some computer issues the past few days and I have been working hard trying to get them fixed. I am not sure exactly what the deal is, but as of right now, I am pretty sure a few of my fonts were deleted {HMPH!} Making some websites [including my own blog!! ARGH!] very difficult to read. I think my Times New Roman was somehow deleted as well as a few other fonts. I am trying to find another one that will make the reading a bit easier on the eye's, but I am having a rough time with it.

But, anyway. Enough of the computer issues. Let's get to some EXCITING news!!!!


Well, for now anyway! And by fall, I mean, cooler temps for the south. Like, 70*s temps! haha!! I know, to some  that may not seem very fallish, but HEY! I will take what we can get! My kids went to school this morning in sweaters!!! It was 50*!!! Mackenzie said {while shivering} "Mmmoommmmmyyy, iitttt ccoouuulldd beee wwwiinnttterrrr!!!} And Nicholas added {also while shiver!} "Iiitttt ccoouuullddd snnnoooowww!!!!" My kids have been in the south WAY too long! LOL!

And to think that just the day before yesterday we were at a water park playing in the sprinklers at a birthday party!


Well, not all of us. Nicholas wasn't really fond of the water until a bit later. Madison had to be coaxed in a few times, but in the end was much happier watching from a distance. She would much rather play on the park equipment. And me... well I was snapping pictures of course!!!




The Birthday party was great!!!! We love this park that Sophia's second birthday was celebrated at. We have been there a few times before. Well, the kids and I. This was Adam's very first time there. And well, he loved it too!! He had just as much fun as the kids!


Miss Sophia was a beautiful little Dora Birthday Princess!


Soph and Maddy definitely enjoyed their cake!!! Madison was ecstatic that she could actually HAVE some cake!! {thank you Sam's club for making non-dairy cakes and icing! YAY!] She has never really been able to enjoy these kind of sweets!!!! And i think she kind of {LOVED} it!


Nicholas and Mackenzie were all about the cake too!!! But once that was done and the presents were open, they were off to playing again! Nicholas on the park equipment and Mackenzie back in the water...



Maddy was still enjoying her sweets!!!!

So, we had a wonderful weekend! Had a lot of fun with our good friends!!! And now that the summer temps [90*+} are fading and the fall temps {75*-85*ish} are setting in, more outside playdates will be happening!!! And I am stoked!!!! They are building a new park the next street over and we are {not so} patiently waiting for it to be complete so we can go play! The kids keep saying "It looks AWESOME!!" so far!! Hopefully it meets their expectations and then some!!!

So, now that October is just a few days away, I need to get on the whole Halloween Costume/Birthday/Christmas shopping thing. I have 3 months of non stop shopping!!! Halloween Costumes I will probably buy tomorrow as well as some birthday presents. But sheesh, 3 birthdays all within a month of each other and Christmas in the middle there. It's tough!!!!

Ok, so I will end this here with a pic of my little man! I just love when he stops long enough for me to snap a picture! He has been doing a lot better with his behavior the past 2 weeks. We have started up a new rewards system and he is starting to see a child psychologist this week. So, hopefully we can figure out what is going on with this lil guy!

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