Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 42 | In The Orchard Photo Challenge

This weeks I Heart Faces Photo Challenge is In The Orchard. I have been complaining so much the past few weeks {ok, so EVERY FALL for the last 6 years!} that we have NO Orchards here. I MISS apple picking in the fall with my family! We used to have SO much fun! I remember always going with my Uncle and bringing home bags of apples. Then when we went home, we would spend time with my uncle goofing off and playing, while my mom was in the kitchen making some {DELICIOUS} apple pies!!! Ok, so this post is making me miss home even more!

So, since we don't have any orchards around here. I will post the next best thing! A picture of an apple with my sweet girl!!! She actually STOLE the apple from me { But, she is still sweet!!! lol } I saved this apple from the crisp I was making that evening. I came across it and thought it was much too pretty to cut in to! So, I put it to the side so I could take pictures of it later! { yeah, I take pictures of fruit and other random objects.... so what?! } I took the apple out on the front porch and started snapping away. Then out comes Miss Madison in all of her cuteness... and.... she SNATCHED IT!

I just couldn't bare to take it away from her just to take pictures of a silly little apple. So, instead I took pictures of her eating a whole apple for the very first time!
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borne . image . photography said...

What a sweet picture ... she is adorable! Love those eyes! I love orchards, and the memories it brings to mind, too! Apples are the next best thing to .... well, hot chocolate! Lol! Enjoy the fall! :)

jen said...

those. eyes. are. beautiful.

Amy said...

What a great shot! I say leave 'em be and snap snap snap away!


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