Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's been a rough few days here. Don't have too much to say really. I just really need a super long bubble bath and lots of chocolate!!! LOL!!! But, I wanted to get our Halloween pictures up before I forgot!
These are our pumpkins we carved yesterday... Errr, rather, I carved yesterday. Nicholas wasn't feeling well and Mackenzie's friends were outside, so she went bike riding and ditched me!

Madison as a "Ballerina Kitty Cat"

I found a Kitty Cat bag to match!!!!

Mackenzie was a "fantasy fairy". It was a cheap costume from Walmart she picked out. I didn't like it. It was... cheap... But, she picked it out and loved it. We added the headband, necklace, and wand...

Nicholas was Dash Incredible. He was done for after about the 10th house. Lol!

I couldn't get them all to sit still to get a decent picture... Spidey is our neighbor, Zim. He and his mom came ToTing with us! His baby sister is really sick right now and having a TERRIBLE reaction to the Flu shot. Poor baby has hives all over her body :(

Madison kept up for a little while. Then she was in the stroller. Then when we were heading back home, she got really in to it and wanted to run and go up to the houses. She actually said Trick Or Treat a few times!!!!

The loot.... otherwise known as the 10 pounds that will be added to my rear over the next few weeks! (Some of the officers wives handed out FULL SIZE BUTTERFINGERS!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!)

The older two weren't really in to the pictures. Maddy... well, I chased her!! haha!!!! After that one shot of Nicholas he got up and said.... Mommy, I'm done now. No more pictures! And ran off!!! So, that's all I got! LOL!
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