Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I feel like dancing...

Or rather, we DID dance!!!! We did the celebratory PEE PEE DANCE!!!!!! WOOT!!! Madison Joy has gone in the potty!!!! Not only did she PEE but she POOPED too!!! This is one seriously proud momma!!!!

Fisher-Price Stepstool Potty in Pink PrincessFisher-Price Precious Planet Potty, Froggy FriendWe just introduced the potty to her a few weeks ago. I bought her theFisher Price Froggy Potty. We brought it home and immediately sat her on it! It is definitely cute, and she loves it. But she has a hard time getting her little legs around it. So, I think we will have to get a different one. I think we will get her the girl version of the one we bought for Nicholas when he was potty training. He loved it!
But, ANYWAY..... we usually do a little night time routine of brushing the teeth and going potty. We have a stack of books in the bathroom by her potty and we usually go through about 3 or 4 of them before she wants to get up. I have only been doing the potty thing at night because I wasn't too too sure if she was ready yet. So, tonight we were on the first book and she went! Caught me COMPLETELY off guard because she has never done it before, so I was expecting the same results as every other night! But, she didn't just stop at pee pee!! YAY!!!

Mackenzie and I YAY'ed!!! And we clapped!!! And we danced!!!!! We danced in to the kitchen to the Halloween treat bowl, and the little potty princess got to pick out a treat! { a non dairy treat of course! } She was so excited! And she ate her sweedish fish while shaking her lil booty to Mackenzie and I singing to her!! 

Could this be?? Could it REALLY be??? Is this the beginning of the rest of our lives WITHOUT diapers?!?! Since Adam and I have been married, we have only ever gone 4 whole months without buying diapers. And those were 4 months before Mackenzie was born and I was THINKING about diapers! Could this be the end of our diaper journey?? 

As sad as it makes me that my babies are growing up and passing these milestones as fast as I can blink, I can't say I will be disappointed not to clean up poopy diapers anymore. When the day comes, I may shed a small tear. But, I will be so thankful not to be lugging around a heavy diaper bag anymore!

So, yes. This was a completely random post. But I am just so proud I had to come and boast!!! Carry on with your regularly scheduled blogging  :D
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Jewllori by Lori said...

How'd you get so lucky you bum!! hahah! That's fabulous news, totally fabulous. What I wouldn't do not to have to change another stinky poopy bum!!!



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