Friday, November 26, 2010

He's FIVE!

It's happened. The day has arrived! My middle child is officially FIVE years old! Five years ago today I sat in the hospital waiting to hold my son. The same hospital I spent the previous 2 months at trying to keep the little man from being born too early. I sat waiting. We sat waiting. Adam and I were not sure what was going on with out brand new baby boy. But, he was here! 

He tried to make a debut 2 1/2 months before he was due. I spent the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy in a hospital room with this lovely little contraption hooked up to my leg. It was pumping medication through me to stop my labor and to stop Nicholas from coming before he was ready.

Once I hit that 36 week mark they let me come off the meds and I waited. We waited. Adam and I waited... and waited... and waited. He wasn't ready!!!! So, home I went! A week later, and after a day of some Black Friday shopping... my water broke! And off to the hospital we went. That hospital. The hospital I was just released from. Yes, it felt like jail. But, it kept my little man baking. It kept my little man safe. I liked THAT hospital. 

9:07 am on November 26th 2005, this handsome little boy graced the world with his presence!

I was so happy! We were so happy!!! Adam and I were THRILLED!!!!! Until... Adam realized something was wrong. Our baby boy wasn't breathing right. Something was up. So, he called for a nurse. And off to the NICU went our brand new little boy...

We had no idea what was going on. But our hearts were achey. I just wanted to hold on to this baby that I held on to for the last 9 months! The one that was too eager to make an appearance, but then decided he wanted to cook a bit longer. This little boy that had captured our hearts before he was even here. But, I couldn't. We could only touch him through the incubator. My heart ached...

The NICU team came to us and explained what was going on with our baby boy. He had a blood disorder that needed to be corrected before he could breathe correctly on his own. He had Polycythemia. His blood was too thick. His red blood cells were taking over. So, the Dr's had to dilute it. He had a blood transfusion/exchange. 

The Dr's removed 2oz of Nicholas' blood and replaced it with 2oz of saline. After this, we thought we were in the clear and he would be released from the NICU. Not so. Polycythemia has been known to cause other issues. Such as Jaundice and low blood sugar levels. So, he was in the NICU for a week. His bili levels were rising and his blood sugar levels were getting lower and lower. It was a crazy week. But, we got through it. HE got through it! And we were able to go home!

Things were a bit rough for the first few weeks. The jaundice took WEEKS to clear up, he caught RSV and landed himself in the hospital for a week! { spent his first Christmas in the hospital, but was released on December 29th! So, he got to spend New Years at HOME! }

And here we are 5 years later! He is in Pre-K and he is a BIG brother!!!!! The last five years have really flown by! I still remember everything so clearly. I remember the wheelchair rides I got once  a day while I was in the hospital, I remember staying in the family room the night Nicholas was released from the NICU but not from the hospital! I remember going home and introducing Mackenzie to her baby brother "coco"! I remember it all so well!

My little man is FIVE!

Happy Birthday Nicholas Ryan!

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Julia said...

I can't believe he's 5, Laura! I still remember when he was born, too. Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

xo, Julia


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