Monday, November 29, 2010

She's SEVEN!

What a week! Two of our kiddo's have birthdays within three days of each other!Nicholas turned 5 on Friday, and today, Mackenzie turns SEVEN! I always, ALWAYS get mushy this time of year! What a way to celebrate the holiday though! Celebrating two important people in my life that I am VERY thankful for!

It is still hard to believe that Mackenzie is seven! I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her so clearly! I remember EVERY emotion that ran through my head at that very moment. The good and the worried! I was only 19 when I found out we were expecting her, so, I was a bit nervous. As was Adam. But, I wouldn't go back and change a thing! God gave her to us at the perfect time!

She was itty bitty when she was born. Made me EXTREMELY nervous! { being a first time mom is a bit scary to begin with!! But being a first time mom with a 4 pounder, nerve wracking!! } Yeah, the first few nights were rough! She cried and screamed and I thought I broke her! I thought we were doing everything wrong! But, then I realized she was just being a baby ;)

Adam and I were in love with her! She has changed our lives so much. Without her, we wouldn't be where we are right now! She pushed us along to grow and mature, to be parents!

Now, here we are! Seven years later! She is in first grade, she has TWO younger siblings, she has lost some teeth, she can ride a bike without training wheels, she wants to wear make up and skinny jeans!  When this brand new life is placed in your arms for the first time, you never realize just how fast time passes. It went FAST! My baby is seven! SEVEN! I still can't fathom it!

Before I know it, she will be asking for the keys to the car to go to the mall with her girlfriends... or worse yet, she will be leaving the house in a sparkly dress and high heels with a boy from school heading to prom.

Happy Birthday Mackenzie Anne!

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