Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Yes, I am a few days late! I know I know! I am a TERRIBLE blogger! Life has just been so busy lately! I feel like it has been FOR.EVER since I did a REAL blog post!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and SAFE NEw Year's Eve and an even better New Year's day! I am really excited about 2011!!! I have a lot of goals for this year, both personal and business!!! And I can't wait to get the ball rolling!!! One of my goal's is to GET BETTER ABOUT BLOGGING!!!!!! I mean this time!!!! No, really I do!!!!! Lol, ok, so having three kids with lots of appointments amongst other things doesn't leave me much time to blog. I know I have made this promise to myself many times before. But I NEED to get better about it. Blogging is a good outlet, yes. But, it is also a place where i can go and look back at my life. I can go back and relive milestones throughout my kids lives! I need to do this FOR ME! I NEED TO!

So, let's rewind a bit, shall we? :)

Thanksgiving was great! We had some friends over to celebrate the holiday as well as Mackenzie and Nicholas' birthdays! We had a great time enjoying company, cooking, forgetting stuff at the grocery store, and sending clueless husbands back to said grocery store to hunt down said forgotten items! It was a really great day! Mackenzie and Nicholas were spoiled rotten, as usual! And they enjoyed the day as well!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was running around like a mad woman trying to get everything situated with Christmas gifts and birthday presents, pictures and cards, packages put together and shipped out, and meal planning. It was a bit of an overwhelming month. I think next year I am going to slow down and not buy nearly as much. I want my kids to be thankful for what they have an realize that Christmas is NOT about how many gifts we get. I want them to understand that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday! I want to teach them about St Nicholas and how he helped people and how anyone can be "santa" as long as they have a spirit of giving! (We don't do the santa thing, never have...) I just want to enjoy the holiday next year. That is, if no one is sick.
 The whole week before Christmas Madison was really sick. The Saturday before she started with some nasty tummy issues { I am sure you catch my drift }. It continued on for a few days, and then a fever spiked. I made her an apt for that Wednesday and she was diagnosed with Strep. She was put on amoxil and we went home. Come Friday she started throwing up. The poor girl couldn't hold anything down. i was hoping by Christmas morning she would have been feeling a little better. But nothing. We got up, the older two were soooo excited! They dove right in to their gifts. Miss Maddy only burried her head in my chest and whimpered. She wouldn't touch her gifts, she wouldn't eat or drink. She wouldn't do anything. And then I couldn't take it anymore. She was lethargic, and she was weak. And I had never seen my baby girl like that before.

So, off to the ER we went. They gave her some Zofran and a popsicle and sent us on our way. They did ask me to collect a stool sample to bring in so they could do some tests on it. And I did that the next day. By Monday, she was worse. She scared me.

So, off to the ER we went again. Only that time, they admitted her. While we were waiting to be checked in, they went over her lab results. She had a bad case of Rotavirus. She was not doing well at all. Very dehydrated, raw hiney, no energy, and nothing in that little tummy of hers. I never want to see the lil miss like that again!!!! She had me in tears panicking! She was in the hospital for 2 nights. I spent the first night with her. I held her all night. She refused to sleep in the crib. So, she slept on momma, and momma did not sleep. We thought for sure being on the fluids all night would get her to feeling better. But, the Dr's still were not happy with how lethargic she was and she was still not eating or drinking on her own. They wanted her to stay another night. So, Adam took that night. I was living on no sleep for the previous 2 days. As much as I WANTED to be there, I needed sleep. And I needed to spend some time with my other two kiddo's.

I took them to Sonic to grab some dinner {healthy, I know.... bad momma!!!}, came home, watched a movie, then we all crashed! We got up early the next morning (Madison's SECOND BIRTHDAY!) to go to the store and buy her some small gifts { all the ones I had bought for her were too big to bring to the hospital } and some balloons! We brought them up to her to cheer her up. She was already up and playing and smiling, talking, laughing, and EATING!!!!! She was eating fruit with daddy all morning! By that afternoon, the pediatrician on call came in and said she was good to go home!!!!! Boy were we relieved!!!! And MORE than ready to go home! So, we packed up and brought the birthday girl home to play with all of her birthday presents!!!!!

I have never seen a child more excited to be home! She walked around the living room and gave all of her toys hugs and kisses!!!! The rest of the night was spent putting her new toys together and playing!

She is 100% better now! It is just mommy and Mackenzie that are sick! We both have a cough and sore throat. Nothing like what Maddy had, thank goodness!!! She has been back to playing, climbing, running, jumping, and causing trouble for her brother and sister!!! Just the way it was <3

I wanted to give her a day or two before we celebrated with cake! So, we went to Fridays for a birthday dinner and then we picked up some non-dairy cupcakes to celebrate with when we got home!

So, now that the new year is here, I have some resolutions. I usually don't do New Year's Resolutions. But, these are more goals that I want to accomplish through out the year. I need to stay on top of them and actually accomplish them!!!! But, that is another post. I need to get ready to head to Madison's 2 year check up!!!!!! I still can't believe my last itty bitty is TWO!

{most of the pictures in this post were taken with my HTC Eris Phone. Picture quality..... is pretty crappy!!!! LOL!!! But, one of my resolutions this year is to make sure I capture all I can of my family!!!! Not every picture has to be perfect exposure, shutter speed, etc! I want to live in the moment and capture my kids as they are!!! Technicalities come second!}
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