Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 52!

So, I wanted to challenge myself to do a 52 week project. 1 photo every week for the whole year! I thought it would get me back in to blogging AT LEAST once a week!!  Doesn't seem like a rough challenge, right?? Something I could handle, right? Well, apparently not. I failed. I got the picture part taken care of. But the blogging part... whoooole other story!
So, my picture from last week was this one...

I always wanted a little pink Radio Flyer for my lil girl! We never got one for Mackenzie. My mom had bought her a red, yellow, and blue Radio Flyer bike when she was little! So, we went with it! She loved it! It had a parent handle, so we loved it too!!! But, Adam's sister and her hubby bought Miss Maddy a PINK Radio Flyer for her birthday! She loved it!!! But, she is a little on the short side. So, her little legs don't reach the pedals! But, that doesn't stop this sassy little girl from riding it! Nope! She had her big brother pull her on her new bike ALL around the drive we have in the back of our housing area here! She had so much fun! And she was hollering and laughing the whole time!

So, for this weeks pictures, I give you....

That's right folks! It is SNOWING in LOUISIANA! This doesn't happen very often!!! Once a year, if that! Maybe every other year. Though it did snow last year. A few inches! But, it last maybe a day. Then it was snowman soup for a few days, and then it hit the 60* temps again. It's supposed to snow for a few more hours. And it looks like we are getting a little bit of accumulation now! So, we'll see what happens! My kids are SO.EXCITED! They want so badly to go outside! But, it rained all morning before it turned to sleet, which then turned in to snow. So, the ground is a bit of mush right now! So, we will see what happens!

Anyway, I am signing off!!!  :D
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Sarah said...

So i'll make you a deal... to fulfill both of our 2011 ambitions I will provide you with comments as long as you continue to blog weekly.. heh! It's my goal to be more encouraging and connected this year..


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