Sunday, January 16, 2011

Halfway through January...

And I haven't gotten my goals up yet! Wow, I am off to a good start!!! It's been busy around here! Lots of make up speech appointments for the lil miss, as well as many other appointments! And there are still so many more to come! It's started off as a crazy year, but a good year so far {yeah I know, we are ONLY 16 days in to it!!} I've been sick since before the new year, Adam is getting sick now. But, I look at it this way. It could be SO.MUCH.WORSE! So, yeah! It has been a GREAT year so far!!!

I have so many plans this year for my personal life as well as my business life! These are just a few of those goals!

I've been working on getting all of my paperwork together and finishing up my 2011 pricing. I REALLY want to take a business class to help me out with all of it though. The business part of photography is TOUGH! But, photography is something I just love to do! So, I need to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row and do things right!!! If only I could hire someone to do ALL the business/boring stuff for me! Then I could just focus on the creative/fun part!!!! LOL! Maybe someday!!! I know the business part isn't boring to all... but I much prefer the creative part!!!

I'm working hard to accomplish all of these goals this year. I may not be able to, and that is ok. I am not going to knock myself down and get upset and depressed if I don't accomplish them all. But, I am going to work my hardest at it! { this is mostly referring to shooting a wedding!!! EEEEEK!!!! }

Amongst the busy-ness, I was able to pull the kiddo's aside from their busy schedules {playing outside and hanging out with friends keep them VERY busy! I need to BEG them to let me take their pictures now! This is going to make personal goal number 1 a bit difficult!}and get some Valentine pictures for their cards! I had several idea's I wanted to do, but non of them were having it! So, I did what I could!

I was able to get a few nice shots and I made the older two their Valentines day cards. They are off to the print lab as I type! Nicholas LOVES his!!! HE thinks the Robot is cool and he loves that he has heart glasses on!!! { thanks to I Heart Faces for the adorable doodles and squiggle  border! } Mackenzie loves hers too!!! She says it is VERY pretty!!! I am glad they will both like handing out there cards in class!!! And I love that they are more personal then the regular little cards you pick up from the store!

So, now that I have a quiet house {hubby took Mackenzie to see Tron at the Boardwalk.. in the pouring rain! LOL!!! Nicholas is at his VERY FIRST sleepover party!!! And Miss Maddy is down for a nap! Yay for quiet time! } I need to go take some pictures and catch up on my Project 52. Yes, I have fallen behind! EEEEP!
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Shannon said...

O my goodness, I love your Valentine(ie) I tried to download the free overlays and I couldn't get them to load right. Not sure what I did wrong. But, I just have to say yours are so adorable!!!!!


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