Friday, January 28, 2011

Doing Terribley With This...

Obviously, I am not doing so well with the blogging goals I set out before myself. Or my goals of taking more pictures for family and fun. It's amazing how busy life can be with three kids and a husband! I really feel like I have been non stop these last two weeks. Today is the first day that we haven't had to be somewhere or do something! { you bet I am still lounging around in my pajamas! } Well, actually, no. We need to be somewhere later. I need to take Nicholas in to the Dr to have a staple removed from his head. Yes, a staple!

I am honestly VERY surprised that I have been a parent for over seven years now, and THIS is the FIRST time we have had to deal with a laceration deep enough to require some medical attention other than a band aid. I am not surprised however, that Nicholas is the one that required such medical attention! He is such a boy!

On Monday, he and his buddy were playing outside. His friend is 4 and is our neighbor's boy. They were playing and somehow the boy hit Nicholas in the head with a heavy duty BBQ spatula. You know those ones that have the sharp pointy tips on them. Yeah, I am sure you can imagine my reaction when my 5 year old came running up to me with blood pouring down his face and all over his hands and jacket. I screamed for Adam! Gosh, that was scary!!! I couldn't get anywhere near it though. He wouldn't let me. Adam was able to get a quick glance at it while I was holding Nicholas' hands and trying to calm him. Adam told me we needed to get him to the hospital for some stitches. *sigh* and here I thought we would be done with the hospitals for a bit.

I took him to the closes hospital and we signed in to triage. The nurse called us back to take a look at it. She was able to peek at it, but she wanted to call a Dr in to look and see if it would be worth it for us to wait three hours in the ER waiting room or if it would be fine without the stitches. The Dr came in and looked. She said it was iffy, but if it were her boy, she wouldn't sit there and wait.. she would just take him home. I called Adam and asked him what he thought on that. He told me to take him to the Children't hospital (where he was born at... and he won't let us forget!! lol!). So, off we went. Got there, they looked at him, said he needed at least one staple. So, that is what he got! He was SUCH a big boy!!! I had images in my head of me and 4 other nurses holding him down why the Dr fought hard to get the staple in!!! But, it was just me holding his hands, talking calmy to him, one nurse holding his head still, and the Dr numbing the spot and then stapling! He was calm as could be! Not one tear, not one outburst! He got a green popsicle and a Happy Meal for that!!! He did fantastic!

The rest of this week has been making sure the boy doesn't do any other damage to himself! LOL!! And I have been on the phone with Neurologists, insurance companies, eye Dr's... All to get him in to be seen. It's been a nightmare. We have been waiting on the neuro for almost 2 months now. Unfortunately there are only 2 pediatric neuro's in our area (within a 2 hour drive). And they both work in the same offices and aren't getting back to me. They are "reviewing" his referral... ULGH! Then there was a mishap with a referal for his eye apt that we pulled him out of school for the other day. We got there and waited just to find out the referral wasn't complete and he couldn't be seen. Nice! So, I have been fighting with Tricare about that!

One day, {soon I hope} there will be a long period of time where Dr's and referrals, and insurance companies, and health issues, won't be that big of a deal in our lives! We will all be healthy and we won't have a need to be fighting through all of these phone calls!! It will be a glorious time!!! LOL!!! I am counting my blessings though!!! Things aren't even too serious for us. We have insurance and nothing is life threatening... so, we are definitely blessed!!! I just wish we didn't have to use the insurance and fight with them so much!
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Sarah said...

It's so hard when you're at the mercy of other people, even when you're doing your part. I am not looking forward to having to manage my little one's medical care..

Your boy is rackin' up war wounds! Shawn has pics of his own stitches from about that age..and we hear the story at nearly all the holidays.. it's sorta nostalgic now!


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