Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let it SNOW!

Living waaaay down in the South, snow doesn't come around too often. Sure, we have our "scares" {not scares to us by the way! We welcome snow with open arms!}, school gets canceled for the "prediction" of snow, roads get closed down, and people go in to a panic! We have kind of gotten used to false predictions and don't really get our hopes up for it. Well, Adam and I anyway. The kids. Well, they get super excited about it! We had some snow a few weeks ago. It actually stuck! We were quite shocked! We had a very light dusting. Now, IF it does snow down here, it usually only happens once a year, if that! But, to our surprise... it happened AGAIN!

School was canceled and we woke up to a layer of snow on the ground. My kids.... yeah, they were ECSTATIC! We ate breakfast really quick, then bundled up to go outside and play! Nicholas was the most excited! In fact, at the breakfast table he said "Mommy! I prayed to Jesus that we would get A LOT of snow!!!! And we got AAAAA LOOOOOT of SNOW!!!!!!!"  To say they were excited.... understatement! As soon as we were all bundled... out the door they ran!

Last year, when we went home for December the kids got to play in A LOT of snow, Madison wasn't too thrilled. Then again, she was only 1. Well, this year... she still wasn't so thrilled. She is not used to keeping things on her hands to keep them warm. So, she kept pulling off her gloves. And her hands would turn in to little icicles! She was out there maaaaaybe 15 minutes! 
She wasn't used to her lil nose getting sooooo cold!!!!

She just walked around,and observed for a little bit...

And this was about the time when the lil miss wanted to skip the snow and come inside where it was nice and toasty!

The older two though, well, they are all about the snow! They had a blast outside and played for a while!

Ahhhhh!!!!! I love winter!!!! I wish we got more of it down here!!! OR I wish we got orders to a place with FOUR SEASONS! 

Of course, the snow doesn't last long. Spring happens here sooner than most places! The snow is already melted and hints of spring are happening all over :)

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the girl said...

Do they ever give orders for Canada? We have lots of snow, plus I'd love to have you here :)
CUTE PICS! I'm glad to see them all individually. Your kids dress so great, any chance of handmedowns? hahhahaha!


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