Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy HEARTS Day!

My kids were SO excited this morning when they woke up! First thing out of their mouths, "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MOMMY!!!!" Not completely sure why they get so excited about this holiday yet. I guess it is because they KNOW they get more candy! Mackenzie had her Valentine's Day party on Friday! She was bery excited to bring her cards in to her classmates... AND her teacher! She made sure that there was an extra card for her teacher. She wanted to make him a heart card as well, but I told maybe next time! {the girl has got it BAD for her teacher!}

Nicholas brought his treats and cards in today! He was so excited to show everyone the Valentine Robot on his card!!! He even made sure there was an extra in there. Not for his teacher, but for himself!!!! He wanted to make sure he got a card with a robot! The boy is too funny!!!! He was so sweet when he came home today! He said "Mommy, I got you a Valentine gift!!!" And he handed me a rose!!!! <3 Sure, it's a plastic flower... but i love it all the same!

They got their Valentine's gifts from Adam and I right after school. Adam wasn't home to give it to them. He has to work tonight. So, I gave it to them and we took a picture for daddy!

They crack me up! Maddybug took a late nap this afternoon. So, she was sleeping when Mackenzie and Nicholas got home from school. I had to wake her up for dinner.

So, lots of stuff going on here! It has been CRAZY BUSY! First off, Mackenzie! She lost her 5th tooth the night before last. It has been loose for months now. She even asked the dentist if he could pull it out for her at her last appointment... back in NOVEMBER! Lol! He told her it would come out on it's own. Who knew it would be 2 1/2 months later! Tooth #6 right next to it is about to fall out too! She keeps biting in to things and forgetting it is loose. So, it has been a bit painful for her :( I keep trying to remind her to chew and bite with the sides of her mouth. Hopefully this tooth comes out sooner rather than later! She was all excited to go to school today to show off the empty space where #5 once resided.

She is looking more and more grown up to me these days. I can still hardly believe she is 7. 

Moving on to Mr. Nicholas.... We are still waiting on the appointment with the neurologist. I have gotten NOWHERE with them. I have called them several times trying to get him in, and they keep telling me that the Dr is still reviewing the referral. He has been reviewing the referral for over 2 months now. I have even gone as far as calling the insurance company to get a list of other neurologists that will take on a child and take on the insurance. There was only one other one. And after a long phone call, lots of tears and frustration, I am back to the beginning. The only other neuro in the area ( withing 2 hours) is located here in Shreveport now. In the same office as the first neuro. So, we wait still. I was able to get him in to the Ophthalmologist though. He saw an Optometrist just after Christmas. She saw that he was having some difficulty with his right eye. Some focusing issues that his OT had mentioned to me before. I brought it up to our PCM, but she hadn't noticed it. So, she wanted a specialist to see it because she didn't think it was anything glasses would correct. She was talking surgery :( BUT, the Ophthalmologist looked him over real good. She even brought in another Dr (the one that did Maddybugs surgery) They both decided that for now, the best option would be patching. WHEW! Four hours a day, for 6 weeks, Nicholas will be a pirate! ;) We are hoping that patching his left eye for this time period will force him to use his right eye and strengthen it. So, we shall see. He loves the patches though! He thinks he looks so cool!!! And I have to agree! He is one cool looking pirate kid!

Madison is doing great!!!!!! Running around and ruling the house as usual! She has been a bit of a klutz lately. But, hey, it happens!!! She has been running full speed everywhere and falling in to things! She has been climbing on things she is much smaller than, and falling over! She is brave! She is silly!!! She is Maddy!!!!

Adam just bought a new project car. He has been wanting a Jeep for a long time now. When he said Jeep... I figured he wanted a new{er} one! I was all for it!!! I always wanted a Wrangler!!!!! What I failed to remember, my husband loves old cars. Not just old cars. He likes old crazy cars that he can really get in to. I mean, literally, GET IN TO. 

I would have been happy with a Wrangler! But, he LOVED this thing as soon as he saw it! So, it has now been officially dubbed The Thing! ( Our Explorer was Rocket, Van is Zero, and Adams truck is The Beast... all thanks to Mackenzie. Momma named The Thing though! LOL! ) 

I have been quite busy working on some business stuff!!!! I have been getting everything on track and situated, and I have finally launched my new website!!!!!!! I am SO excited about it!!!! I LOVE the creative control I have over the site!!!! The freedom to do whatever I want.... AMAZING! 

Tomorrow is another day of appointments and errands! Who knows when the next blog post will be.... eeeek! I am so failing at this!!! LOL!!!! Until next time :D
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