Thursday, March 10, 2011

So, my goal has been shot...

Yes, it has been almost a month since my last post. How in the world did I let my blogging get THIS bad?!?! I can't keep letting these lapses happen! I MUST get better about blogging and documenting these early year's of my kids lives. I need to snap out of this blogging funk and get with the program! We've just had so much going on here lately. But, I can't keep using that as an excuse!

So, since it has been a while, and honestly I don't really have anything that i can update on yet... this is going to be a completely RaNdOm post! Adam always says that I am really random anyway! Might as well live up to it, right?! 

Since my last post, Mackenzie has lost that other tooth! Her adult tooth was coming through and just bumped it out of the way :) She was pretty excited! So excited that she had called me from school to tell me! It came out while she was in class! Boy was that NOT what I was expecting when I saw her teachers phone number appear on the caller ID! Lol!

She is so excited that her new gap in her mouth makes an M! M is for Mackenzie after all!
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras
I bought a new lens! I have always wanted a macro lens! And I FINALLY bought one! I bought a 100mm 2.8macro. I mainly wanted it for newborn sessions! I wanted a lens that would pick up the tiny details on an itty bitty newborn! I had a few days to practice with it before I got to use it at my next newborn session. I think I drove my kids pretty crazy with it. They aren't too fond of my camera these days!
 I was able to get a few quick photographs of Miss Maddy with the new lens before she ran off on me!!!

 I did get to use the lens at my newborn session the following weekend! And I must say, I love it!
I LOVED this newborn session!!! She was such a cutie!!! And i was SO.LUCKY that this little beauty made this next pose SO.EASY! I have been trying for a long time to achieve this but, i just couldn't get it. Well, she set the bar! I didn't even have to do a composite! Momma sat RIGHT next to her, her hands were right there ready JUST.IN.CASE! But, the lil miss was a PERFECT model!!!! I LOVE that I have these pictures of her for my portfolio now!

Apple iPad Tablet (32GB, Wi-Fi)
Let's seeeee, what other randomness can I throw in here!!! OH!! My hubby was so awesome and bought me an iPad!!!!! I have been wanting one for a while now! And of course, after I buy it... I find out they are coming out with an iPad 2!!!!!! I so should have waited. I wish they offered an upgrade program or something! i would LOVE to have the iPad 2! But, I am definitely happy with what I have! It does what I need it to! The iPad 2 is supposed to be much faster and have better graphics. I am wondering if they fixed all the bugs that make pretty much all of my aps crash when I go in to them. I always have to open an ap, let it crash, then open it again for it to work. I hate that :( But, I am prepared for it. So, it stopped bugging me so much. I like that the iPad 2 will allow multi-tasking and it will have FOLDERS!!!!! The main thing I don't like about the iPad is that it doesn't support Adobe Flash. But, supposedly, the iPad 2 will have a work around! Who knows! Overall, I am very happy that I bought the iPad. I wanted it mainly for in person proofing sessions and for allowing my clients to be able to pay for their sessions, print orders, etc on the spot! {I even bought a cute little stylus so they can sign directly on the iPad! }

George Foreman GRP4EMB Black Evolve Grill with 2 Grill Plates, 1 Deep-Dish Bake Pan and 1 Cupcake and Muffin Pan InsertAmazon has seriously been loving me these past few weeks! I think I have been getting a package from them at least once a week! We got new windshield wipers through them a few weeks back! They had a buy one get one deal and hey! We needed new ones!!! Why not! I just ordered my new, AWESOME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, WHY DIDN'T I UPGRADE A LONG TIME AGO George Foreman Grill last week! I have no idea why I waited so long to upgrade this thing! Our old Foreman grill, we bought.... 6 years ago? I ALWAYS hated cleaning it. Yes, I admit it would sit on the counter for a day or two because I hated cleaning it THAT MUCH! But this new one!!! WOW! The plates pop off, rinse them down, and toss them in the dishwasher!!! EASY PEASY! I've used it several times since we got it in!!!  I also ordered a clezning system for my camera!!!! I can't wait for this to come in!!! I have always been scared to REALLY clean my camera. I am talking actually cleaning the mirror! I am always so scared I am going to do some SERIOUS damage to it. But, with this kit I bought, it looks super easy! I bought a whole Lenspen cleaning kit! To clean my sensor and my lenses! I can't wait to give my camera a really good cleaning!!! She needs it!
I also pre-ordered Tangled. Yes, I am stoked about this! I loved the movie! My kids loved the movie!!! So, I am looking forward to having a movie night with them and surprising them with it! It will be here ON the 29th! The day it comes out!!!!! YAY!!! It was such a cute movie! We took the kids to see it in the theater a little while back! Madison wasn't too thrilled with it. So, I missed a little bit of it. But, I got to see most of it! And it was so cute!

Speaking of movies in the theater. We took the kids to see Gnomeo and Juliet this past weekend! Another cute movie! Not as cute as I was expecting though. The kids loved it! Well, of course Maddy wasn't a fan ... again. But, what can ya do! We'll definitely get it when it comes out on BluRay.

Random... random... random... I FINALLY dyed my hair! It is no longer 3 different colors! For a long time there it was brown roots, faded red, and even more faded red. Oh, and frizzy. Very frizzy. But that is not the case anymore! I finally got fed up, went to Sally's, grabbed some Cinnamon color, got Maddy from speech, put her down for a nap, and quickly threw the color together so it could sit on my head for 40+ minutes! And I must say, I was a little taken back at first with how dark it was and how... not so red it was. BUT, I have definitely come to terms with it. And I have even started to love it!!! <3 Pretty sure I will be sticking with this color for a while! I decided not to mix colors like I usually do. I usually mix a level 5 and a level 6 to get a nice RED brown... but this time I just stuck with the cinnamon which is just a {slight}red brown.I miss having a hair stylist I trust right around the corner. I miss being home in New York. But I won't go in to that here. That would be a whole other post or two!!!


Hmmmm, another bit of RaNdOm.... we are "attempting" potty training with Madison... again! Lol! First attempt didn't go so well. Second attempt is heading in that same direction. She is VERY interested in the potty. She will sit on it, she will sing the "potty song" { her version anyway ;) }, and she tells us anytime she pee's or poops in her diaper and she wants to be changed right away. But, she won't actually GO on the potty. Within the past 2 weeks, she started telling us BEFORE she goes in her diaper. I will quickly get her on the potty. But, she just sits there. Happy as can be that she is ON the potty. But, alas... she will not go. And lil big girl undies??? Forget it! She wants NOTHING to do with them. Absolutely nothing! She would much rather be in the buff!!! { but, seriously... what toddler wouldn't! } I am not giving up hope just yet though. I am still working on Potty Training Attempt #2. She may surprise me! And we may be a diaper free family soon!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Alright. I guess this post is completely filled with random-ness that you probably don't even want to know! We have some things going on right now with Nicholas that we are trying to get figured out. I don't want to say much until we actually have our appointments and we get some answers. But, we are finally starting to get things figured out with his toe walking and other issues we have been having! We have some appointments coming up that can give us some answers!!! Here is to hoping!!! Keep him in your prayers if you can!! We really need to get things figured out so we can help him better deal with things.

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openedeyes02 said...

Answer : Onion

Question : In the photo of yourself, did you do any 'make-up' editing?

I did not say the answer had anything to do with the question... can you give me the question for my answer.. and the answer to my question

Good Luck!

Laura Craig said...

Question to Answer - What are Ogre's like?

Answer to Question - No, I didn't do any make up editing. Everyone always asks that because of my eye's. But, my eye's look photshopped no matter what! Madison's eye's are the same way. I can't touch our eye's in PS otherwise they look WAY overdone.

And hey! A bit of randomness is always welcome!!! In case you couldn't tell from my post ;) So, your randomness was a very nice addition :)


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