Monday, May 2, 2011

A horrible trend...

I find myself following this horrible trend..... again. Not blogging! Sheesh!I used to blog so much! About anything and everything! I loved blogging. But, finding the time now.... well, I don't find it often.

Nicholas at 5Nicholas at 5

It's been a pretty busy month! We have had a lot going on with Nicholas lately. It's been a bit overwhelming. We've been dealing with a lot of behavioral and sensory issues with him for a while now. He has been toe walking since he started walking. And I have been trying to have it looked in to for a few years now. Well, we are finally getting somewhere with it. We are in the middle of seeing two different specialists. One of them being a pediatric Neurologist. He is trying to look in to the toe walking more and see what is going on with it. He has a few ideas which he discussed with me. But, before making any diagnosis, he wants an in depth MRI. This will be a 2 hour long MRI where Nicholas will be sedated :( I am definitely NOT looking forward to that. The sedation part gets at me :( I hate the thought of it. Madison was sedated once, and I hated it.

Nicholas at 5Nicholas at 5

So, after we get the results back from that, we will go from there. At the moment, the talk is that he may have a form of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia. The neuro also thinks that Nicholas may have sensory integration dysfunction.  But, we are working with another specialist to see what is going on with that. Hopefully within the next few months we will have some answers and we will be able to help Nicholas better deal with things. It's bee a bit rough around here with him lately, but we are trying to keep our sanity through it all. We've got him back in occupational therapy 2x a week now to help him out a bit more.


Madison is no longer in speech now. Her referral was up and Tricare won't allow her any more sessions. But, I think she has definitely come a long way! She is talking so much more now! She is answering questions and even asking a bunch of her own! And we understand her! So, she has made HUGE progress with it! It is so funny listening to her talk now! Her little personality just shines through! She will randomly shout "I LOVE YOU!" to us and she is always telling us she wants kisses and hugs! I love how much she loves! <3 She really has such a big heart and she is so full of... well, LOVE!!!! She definitely has her attitude moments though! Her latest things is shouting "WHAT!" When I call for her!!! Or she will say "Be nice!" When I have to get on her about something! Sheesh!!! This kid!!!! She cracks us up!

( She's finally allowing me to get pictures of her again!!!!! FINALLY!!!! )

And then Mackenzie.... she is doing great! She has been pretty emotional the past few weeks. But, I think it has a lot to do with my parents coming down and visiting, then heading back to New York. Mackenzie is such a family person. She would give anything for us to pack up and move back to New York just so she can see her family more often. She misses everyone back home so much. And I hate that she can't spend more time with everyone. She remembers a lot more than I ever thought she would! She remembers all of my cousins and she is always asking about them! She is always asking when we will see them again. Mind you, she was born in NY, but she only lived there for 5 months before we packed up and moved to TX. And she has only been to NY once a year since then. (well, except last year... we made it home 2x in one year)


She is already counting down to July when we go to New York for a whole month! She is more than excited to spend time with our family!

Having three kids will definitely keep a person busy! Add to that trying to get a business on it's feet... whew! I am exhausted! I had a sweet newborn session recently! This little girl was ADORABLE!!!! You can see some images from her session on my Photography Blog!

Alexis52 copyAlexis43 copy

Alexis27 copy

I am really trying to work on my newborn portfolio. I REALLY want to focus on newborn photography! Of course I would still love to do sessions for families, children, teens, maternity, etc. But, my main focus is on newborns! I really love working with the itty bitty babies!!!! I am not sure if I want to make a separate website just for newborn photography, or if I will just make newborns the main highlight on my current website and throw in other shots of families and such here and there. I am still trying to find my way in the business and figure out which direction I need to go. I will get there.... eventually...

Anyway, I will have to do a separate post on my parents trip down here!!! I think this post was filled with enough randomness!!!I am off for now! Until next time!!! Hopefully it won't be a month before I blog again!!!!
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