Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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I'm just not good at coming up with funny, quirky, or even clever blog post titles { or posts for that matter! } So, I will just stick with what I know! ;)

Just thought I would do a post since 10 days have passed by since my last one. Sadly, I don't think I will ever have the time to blog like I used to. It makes me sad, but as long as I keep up with at least once or twice a month... I'll be ok :) Just as long as I have something to look back down the road from now. I still go back through my Xanga blog from time to time. I love that I have so much documented from the beginning of our Air Force Life, to finding out about the pregnancy with Nicholas, to EVERYTHING we went through with the pregnancy with Nicholas, then finding out about the NEXT little Craig, and everything we went through with that pregnancy! I love that I have the hard times to look back on. It makes me even more thankful to have gotten through it all and to be where we are right now! I love having the exciting and happy things documented as well!! I love having my kids milestones documented! I can't tell you how many times I have gone back through one of my blogs to find a date that something happened! I just wish I was able to blog more these past two years. I feel like I have left out so much of Maddy's life. I think ever since I got Facebook, that blogging just became less important to me. I guess I got lazy and felt like a 1 or 2 sentence status update was good enough. Only, Facebook is not so personal...... I REALLY need to get better about blogging { maybe if I keep posting it enough it will happen... maybe?? }

Life hasn't slowed down much at all here. We still haven't gotten anywhere with Nicholas. Waiting on these Dr's and the insurance is driving me insane. We want... no wait, we NEED some answers. The pediatric neurologist told me he wanted this stuff taken care of ASAP! He told me to keep hounding the insurance and to keep calling his office to get everything situated. Well, I have done just that. Only, it isn't the insurance company that I have been hounding. It is his office that I have been hounding. For once, the insurance is on the ball and they are authorizing and pushing things through faster than normal. It is his office that is lagging. And his receptionist is terrible about following through and calling back. I will be calling yet again tomorrow to try and get an appointment date set up for this MRI. 

For the past 2 weeks or so, the kid and I have been passing sickness back and forth. Nicholas was out of school for three days last week. I had him in to the clinic on Thursday and the boy was a pin cushion. He was cursed with his momma's veins. So, they had to stick him a few times to get the bloodwork that the Dr requested. He almost passed out and then he nearly threw up on the techs! They jumped out of the way and got the trash can in front of him JUST in time! Dr also wanted to get a chest X-Ray to rule out pneumonia and a swab to rule out strep. Everything came back negative. So, we have no idea what he had.  Mackenzie was lucky and she just got it over this past weekend. Maddy had it over the weekend too, but then she got worse on Monday. And then even more so on Tuesday. So, I took her in to Urgent Care, just to find out that she has some pretty terrible allergies. Poor girl has a nasty cough and her nose keeps running away. She was even running fevers. I had no idea fevers were a common symptom for allergies in toddlers. So, they gave her a nice anti-histamine that knocks her out! She has been acting more like her normal self since getting the medicine, but she still sounds terrible.

While Mackenzie and Nicholas were in school yesterday, Maddybug eanted {NEEEEEDED} to get out of the house! So, I decided to try and get some pictures of her! I got some camera "bling" from Happy Acres Farm and I decided to try it out. See if Madison would let me get some decent pictures! Well, I must say... I LOVE this "bling"!!!  Maddy loved it too!!! She thought it was funny the the froggy squeaked and didn't say ribbit ribbit!! 

So, because of that lil green squeaker, I was able to snap these images!

Take a bow Maddybug! ;)
She was playing hide and seek here <3
LOVE this shot!!!!
And one that I got a little later on that afternoon.... I just love this one!
And, because the post wouldn't be complete without a picture of ALL of my kiddo's.......

Mackenzie! My little pre-teen!
I adore this picture of her!!! She was sitting on the ground talking to Maddy while she was riding that little car thing. I called her name and snapped this! LOVE IT!!!! She is changing so much! It is amazing to me how much she has changed in just the past year. She has lost that "baby" look. And she is looking more and more like a young lady now. I can't believe just 7 1/2 years ago, she was a tiny little 4 and a half pound newborn! She amazes me!
She is in her last week of first grade. She is so sad to be leaving her class though. She says that her heart hurts because she won't be in Mr. Foutch's class anymore. That crush I mentioned in the beginning of the year.... yeah, she still has it ;)

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