Saturday, July 9, 2011


Life never really seems to slow down around here anymore. It is always something going on.

So, for an update on the last post.... well, everything went fine with the actual MRI. It took a little over 2 hours for them to get all of the images they needed, and then they wheeled Nicholas back up to us when they were finished. It took him a while to wake up fully and to get his balance. But, he eventually got there and was able to keep some liquid down. So, they discharged him and told us the results would be in about 24-48 hours from then. We were happy to hear we would get results that fast! So, off we went to IHOP with the little guy to fill his grumbling belly! He was very happy to go out to eat with just mommy and daddy! That never happens since he has two sisters!!! 
But, here we are over a month later and we still haven't heard from the Neurologist with the results. I have called. And called. And called and called and called. I left messages telling them that his OT referral was going to run up and we needed a new one. But I got now phone call back. I left another message telling them that my husband got orders { TO ALASKA!!! YAY!!! } and that we needed medical clearance so we need to get all of this taken care of ASAP! But I still got nowhere. So, I called Nicholas' PCM and spoke to the nurse. She called the neuro and got the results faxed over. But, she didn't know how to interpret it since she is not a neurologist. She told me there were marked abnormalities, and something called delayed  myelination (I am not even sure what exactly this is, there isn't too much out there about it, so if anyone has any input.. please, by all means... do share!!!). The nurse told me she didn't know what it meant, so she didn't have anything else to tell me. She was able to use some of the information to get a temporary referral for Nicholas' OT { TriCare was cutting his OT  because he didn't have a diagnosis}. After all this mess, I called the insurance company again and told them we NEEDED anew neurologist. Unfortunately, in this big area.... there are VERY few pediatric neurologists. There are a few that come here a few times a month. Luckily, we found one that will be here on the 15th of July and we got an appointment with him. The MRI results were faxed over already. So, hopefully we will get some answers!  So, hopefully we will get somewhere by next week. We will also be getting some other results on the 14th  from some evaluations we had done a few months ago.

Speaking of next week!!!! Saturday morning I am leaving here to pick up a surprise for my kids!!!! My parents are flying down!!!!! I am really excited about it!!! I know we just saw them. But, I have been really overwhelmed and not dealing with everything too well. So, having my parents here will be really nice!!! I enjoy having my mom here for late night chats and they will be a great distraction for the kids!!! They love having my parents here! We don't have too much planned as of yet. It is going to be REALLY hot { what else is new!! We are in LA! } But, they wanted to come down since our summer trip to NY was canceled. I am REALLY REALLY glad they were able to swing it and book plane tickets!!!! 

School starts in ONE month!!! I am REALLY excited about that too!!!!! I love my kids dearly!!! They mean the WORLD to me!!! But SERIOUSLY!!! ALL THEY DO IS FIGHT!!! It has been non-stop fighting since the day school let out. Ok, so maybe I have caught a few moments of them playing nicely together ;), but for the most part, they have been at each others throats! They love each other! they love playing with each other. But I really think they need that time apart in order to appreciate one another more. I still can't believe Mackenzie is going to be a second grader! WOW! And just a few days after they start school, my Mother in Law will be flying down! The kids are super excited about that!!! They haven't seen Nana in over a year!! They are more than ready to spend some time with her! And a few days after she gets here, Adam's sister and her hubby will be driving down! I am so glad our families were able to make short notice trips down here since our plans had to be changed!!! I love that they are willing to change their plans like that to spend time with the kids!!!! My kids are such family oriented little beings!!! They can't get enough of our family! It is one of the most heart breaking things when you are a military family living forever and a day away from your relatives and hearing your 7 year old cry many times about how much she misses her cousins and her aunts and uncles... but especially her grandparents. I love that Mackenzie loves family so much!

I don't think I have mentioned it on this blog (besides the short blurb.. if you can call it that... above), we got ORDERS!!!!! Finally, after being here for 7 years. We got orders to ALASKA! We are SUPER excited and the time cannot pass by fast enough. There are some things that might stand in the way of these orders. Depending on Nicholas' results from the MRI and if he needs care by certain Dr's that aren't available in Alaska, the orders might be canceled. We are trying to get everything taken care of ASAP since Adams report date is in December.

So, that's about all. It's been a pretty crazy summer with OT appointments, Dr's appointments, phone calls, buying a NEW CAR, entertaining the kids, etc! We have been spending most of our time inside due to this insane heat. We have been in heat advisories and Mackenzie doesn't do well in the heat at all. But, when we do make our way outside {other than making a beeline for the car!} the kids are enjoying playing in the pool and the big ball sprinkler! And playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie, falling down. and eating watermelon on big blankets in the yard!

And of course, enjoying ice cream on the steps! { no mess in the house!!! +1 for mommy!! } 
Yes, that is miss Maddy enjoying some ice cream too!!! We recently discovered that Maddybug has outgrown her lactose intolerance! YAY!!! She can enjoy all of the ice cream, DAIRY cupcakes, and CHOCOLATE that her little{BIG} heart desires! { within reason, of course ;) }

Until next time :)
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love the ice cream pics. miss you.


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