Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In a nutshell...

The morning of the 12th, I had to get Mackenzie on the bus and then head off to Dallas. Adam's mom was flying in, so Maddy and I headed west to go pick her up! Adam took the day off to stay with Nicholas since he hadn't started school just yet, and he had his appointment with the neurologist that afternoon. Adam's Jeep wouldn't make the trip to Dallas { we don't think anyway!! LOL!! } and well... I have no clue how to drive stick and I don't trust his "Swamp Thing" {that is what we named the Jeep!}, so he took Nicholas to the appointment! I was hoping I would make it back in time... but, it didn't happen. But, it was all good news!! So, Adam called us and told his mom and I while we were heading back!!!! What a relief!

So, this post is basically just going to be some cell shots from the week that my in-laws were in town! I have some REAL pictures to share too.. but I just haven't had the chance to sit to convert and edit them. So, in a nutshell... this was our week!

I am trying to find some new things to do with Mackenzie's hair since it is finally growing out! She likes the waterfall french braids! { I get a lot of ideas from here! }

$6 car washes are a GREAT way to entertain the kids... for 2 minutes anyway! lol!!!

Nana took the kids out to Cold Stone Creamery!

We bought a JUICER!!!! Amazing price and we kinda love it!

Mackenzie was not too happy that she had to go to school while family was here. It was a very hard week for her. But, she enjoyed her time with everyone after she got off the bus!

We went to Kid City and ALL OF THE KIDS had a blast!!!! Not just Maddy and Nicholas... Adam, Aunt Amanda, and Uncle David too!!!

We also went to the Sciport! Nicholas said the mist turned him in to a zombie!!! Such a boy!!!

Maddy would not go through the tunnel without daddy by her side!! I think daddy enjoyed being needed by his baby girl...... or he just really enjoyed climbing around in all the toys and having a valid excuse to do so!

Did I mention he is a BIG kid???

The sun set after we had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Same sunset, but from the flight line!

My goofy guy!

Everyone chilling ( or burning!!) by the flight line! We were watching a B-52 come in!

Nicholas all set for his first day of Kindergarten!!!

Gators and friends!

Maddy wants a baby gator to take home!

Nana watched the kids for us one night and we had a double date! We went to a place called Party Central and had a wonderful time on the go karts, bumper boarts, and spin zone bumper cars!!!!! I felt kind of guilty at first since we didn't have the kids... but, I REALLY enjoyed having some adult time... even though we were doing kid things!!! haha!!!

FINALLY replaced our damaged dining room table *ahemhubbyahem*

I passed a car and I thought there was a dog driving!!!! Turns out there was a dude hiding in there behind the steering wheel. He was burried by his 7 dogs!!!!

I think I am showing my could obsession!!! I love the sky!!! It seriously is Gods canvas!!!!

Enjoying some cupcakes from Buttercups!

I finally bought a larger print of this image. Not as large as I wanted... but I am going to do a collage with some smaller images I bought as well!

Maddybug and her Smurfette!

I'm kind of obsessed with Diptic and Instagram!

My crazy kids after a night of Chuck E Cheese with the family!!!

She told us she wasn't tired...

Adam broke yet another of my Willow Tree figurines... they just don't get a long.

I have also become a big fan of OtterBox!!!! Love my new iPad case!!!

more of His art work ;) ( Please God, next time we would love a little rain!! )

On the way to church!


They started the week off Great!

Nicholas drew a picture of Papa... He's REALLY tall, mommy!!

Sooooo, uhhhh..... yeah! In a nutshell ;)

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