Monday, August 22, 2011

MRI #2

So, I started writing this post 2 weeks ago and then life got crazy!!!

Mackenzie had her first day of second grade on the 10th! She was more than ready to get back to school! We did her hair the night before in piggy French braids, and she had everything picked out and ready to go for the morning!

After Mackenzie got on the bus, maddy and I walked down to miss Kim's house!!! My good friend Kim watched maddybug for us so that we could take Nicholas to his 2nd MRI.

Nicholas was very nervous. He had been panicking for days knowing he had to have another iv. I felt terrible for him. But, he was a big boy, grabbed his plane book and "squeaky", and we made our way to the hospital.

They gave him some "happy juice" that made him sleepy and HILARIOUS!!!!! He was all sorts of giggly and just too funny!!! He was pretty loopy on the way down to radiology and by the time the anesthesiologist got to him, he was ready to conk out! He was passed out when they got his iv started, so he didn't even know they did it!

Adam ran out and got us some lunch while Nicholas was still getting his 2 hr MRI. He had his heart set on breakfast for lunch and he isn't a fan of taco bell, so this was a guilt free lunch for two starving parents!!!

He did great during the MRI, it was coming off of the anesthesia that was a bit rough. I'm not sure if it was the meds or his empty belly, but he got sick a few times when he woke up. They had to keep him in recovery for a little bit longer and then moved him back to his room.

There he was able to have some Sprite and an orange Popsicle for being such a big boy! (and so we could make sure he could keep his liquids down!)

After he proved his belly capable, he was discharged! And daddy had to carry a very wobbly Nicholas out to the car!

We got the results from the MRI that Friday. We are VERY relieved to report that his MRI results were PERFECT! the neurologist did not see ANY abnormalities that the first neurologist saw! No delayed mylenation, no cerebral palsy, NO TUMORS!!!!!! God has been so faithful to us!!! He has had His hands over our little guy from the day he was created!!!! We are VERY thankful!

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