Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh, Tuesday.... I am glad you are over...

Today was a very rough and very trying day. Tuesdays are usually pretty hectic due to the kids occupational therapy appointments and errands. But, today just seemed a lot more stressful then our usual Tuesday. Nicholas was having a REALLY rough day. He was a mess about everything, and nothing I said or did was right. So it was an ongoing battle to calm him all day. He fought me with everything. Mackenzie has really been having a difficult time with her brother lately. He just wants her attention, but she gets sick of the ways he tries to get it. So the fighting between them has been constant. Luckily, today Mackenzie was free for a little while. My wonderful friend took her out on a playdate! She really needed that time away.

( Nicholas decided that his bear , Squeaky { he doesn't actually squeak... } needed to be buckled up too! )

( After his ot appointment this evening, Nicholas thought Squeaky needed to be brushed to calm him down and help him feel better, lol! )

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day. Mackenzie starts school again. The first day of SECOND grade!!! How did this happen?? Am I really a momma to a second grader?? She is so excited!! She picked out her clothes for tomorrow { not much of a choice, since her school has a uniform code :( } and we did her hair in French braid pig tails. She told me that she is going to wake up before me so she can get me up! Lol! I am so glad that my kids still have their excitement for school!!! I am not looking forward to the days when I have to DRAG them out of bed and force them off to school. I feel kind of bad that I wont be able to drive her on her first day back, but I think she is secretly happy about that. She wants to ride the bus with her friends. I guess that is a good thing.

Nicholas starts school next week. But tomorrow he has his second MRI. My stomach is in knots again. As is his. He is so nervous about it. He knows he has to have an iv so they can make him go to sleep. And it has Bren causing him some anxiety :( I hate that he got that from me. I hate that he has to be sedated again. I hate that he has to have another MRI. But, we need some answers. And we Ned to make sure there is nothing life threatening going on. So, it is necessary :( I just hope this is conclusive. I hope the dr finds the problem and that we can get things figured out and see what the next step is. All of this waiting over the last { almost } year has been so incredibly stressful. Not just for Adam and I, but for Nicholas and the girls as well. Not knowing what the problem is and being in between dr's and results.... Not knowing what to think or believe... It's been tough.

Nicholas has really been through a lot in his short { almost } 6 years.. He really is a miracle child. We almost lost him a few times while I was pregnant with him, he had complications at birth, he got really sick with RSV at 1 month.... He's a strong little boy... and God has sure pulled him through a lot. I have no doubt that God will pull him through all of this as well :)

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whippetmom said...

((hugs)) I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you guys!


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