Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Technology and life...

I know, I know...I am becoming a broken record here lately. I am a TERRIBLE blogger!! HORRIBLE!!! But, I decided to try something new. I am catching up with all of this preen technology. I have had the iPad for several months now... But I have never actually blogged on it. So, I broke down and bought BlogPress. Hopefully with my blog being a little more accessible to me, I can find more opportunities to actually blog! Like now. During my 45 minute wait while Nicholas is in occupational therapy. So, how about an update??

I know it seems like I just blogged about my parents being down here ( guess that would be because I have been a slacker and it was one of the lasts posts I made in the last 2 months! ), but they decided to come back down this past month to visit again! With everything going on with Nicholas, it was a really nice Welcome!! They flew in on July 16th and stayed for a week. I went to the airport to pick them up while Adam took the kids to a birthday party. I think the kids had an idea, but they were still shocked and excited!! They ran out the door as soon as realized what was going on!

The heat down here has been pretty overwhelming. So didn't do a whole lot outside. We went to the boardwalk and Bass Pro a few times, we went to the Sciport, and we went to a different alligator park from the one we went to last time. We had a lot of fun and the kids were loving every second of having "mom" and papa with us again. We took a few minutes out in the high temps to get some pictures of my parents with the kids. It was a bit rough. I wasn't able to get a whole bunch. But, I got a few good ones that I know my parents love!!

Of course, the time goes by too quickly and before we knew it, it was time for me to bring them back to the airport. The tears flowed .. And flowed and flowed and flowed. It took several days for Mackenzie to finally stop crying about them being gone. She talks to them every night on the phone and we just recently discovered Skype ( yeah yeah.? I know!!!)

The summer is almost over. As far as vacation goes anyway. The heat looks to be staying for a while. It is 106* outside as I type. Disgusting!!! But anyway, school starts in 11 days for Mackenzie. She is super excited to be starting second grade!!! She is more than ready to be back in school. Being home and stuck inside all summer just isn't cutting it for her. She would much rather be outside playing, but with this heat and her asthma.... It can't happen. Nicholas starts kindergarten on the 17th. I think he has asked everyday this summer if school starts "tomorrow". ( it was a looong summer... Especially for him!!! Lol ) he has his screening on the 10th, so I think he is going to be a little bummed that he cant stay at school after it is done.

Let's see..... We switched neurologists. The other one wasn't getting back to us and I was getting tired of the wait. He was telling us that it could be something life threatening and that he was really worried about it. And then he found abnormalities in the MRI but he never contacted us about it... So, we switched. I transferred the results to the new neurologist and we had an appointment the day before my parents flew in. This neurologist is also very concerned. So , he ordered another MRI since the first one didn't give him enough information. The MRI was approved today, so hopefully I will hear from them in the next few days and we can get that scheduled. He has another appointment on the 12th to go over the results. Adams mom also flies in that day! So, Adam is going to take him to the appointment and my mother in law and I will meet him there. That appointment is going to be the deciding factor as to whether or not we go to Alaska. The neurologist doesn't think Alaska is going to happen. And neither do the other Drs here. So, if the orders get canceled, we are hoping to get a base closer to home. We are going to try our best to make that happen.

Here is to hoping :)

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whippetmom said...

I hope you guys get good news! A move closer to home would be fabulous- I know we are so excited to be moving close to family later this fall!


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