Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm not big on eating meat. In fact, I went a whole six years without eating it before I was pregnant with Mackenzie. It just didn't appeal much to me. After I became pregnant with Kenzie, I started craving it! So, I ate it more and more and it became a part of my food pyramid again. But, it was mostly chicken I started eating. I'm not a big fan of red meat at all. But, hubby is! Since it doesn't appeal much to me, I hardly cook it. And when I do cook it, It comes out dry and terrible. My sweet hubby eats it anyway and tells me how good it was! (either he is a good liar or I have destroyed his taste buds!)

Yesterday we went to a local butcher shop here and he picked up some sirloin steaks! I was a little nervous about cooking them. Afraid we just wasted money! But, (thanks to Pinterest!) I found some delicious recipes! I tried my hand at one if them. I think I shocked the both of us when I cut the steaks up and we tasted them! They were DEEEEEELICIOUS!!!! I am actually looking forward to buying some more steaks and cooking them up!!!! I think hubby is happy!
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