Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I really need to try and get in more pictures with my kids. I always tell myself "let me lose the baby fat and then I'll get in a pic" "i just need to dye my hair first... Then ill get more pics with them..." "I'm just not feeling it today... Maybe tomorrow" or something very much along those lines.... But, tomorrow never comes...I need to take advantage of the moment and I need to take more pictures with my kids.... Even my older and less willing ones!

My Grandmother was never very fond of pictures. She just wasn't a fan of being in front of the camera. She passed away when I was 4. I only have 1 memory of her comforting my sister and I when we were upset. And that is it. Everything else I have to remember her by is all in paper format. And their aren't many of those. In fact, I only have 1 picture of her.

I hate the thought of someday leaving this world and leaving my kids with nothing to remember me by. No pictures to pass on to their kids and grand kids.

I need to remember to embrace the moment... No make up, sleepy eyes, messy hair, grungy pajamas and all....

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