Thursday, January 5, 2012

4/365+1 a day late...

Yep, it's starting to happen. The Slacking. Just one day late right now.... Who knows how late next time! But, hey! Three days in a row was a good record for me!!!

Yesterday's 365+1 pic started out as a picture of something I fell in love with! Something my husband says I'm "obsessed" with. I think his description is a bit off! I don't go out and buy a new one every week! In fact, my last one lasted me over 6 months!!!!Though, I do have a... *ahem* SMALL section of my closet with a... few. I love hand bags. I'm not talking $200+ coach bags!! No way!! I love hand bags!!! But I don't like them enough to spend insane amounts of money on them!!!

But anyway, I bought another purse. Not "just because". I bought one because I needed one! No, really!!! I did!!! My current purse was ripping. And there wasn't enough pockets in it for all of the junk that ends up in it!!! I know, I probably shouldn't walk around with tons of junk in my purse. But, I have three kids. That is all I will say about that!!!!

Not only do I love purses. But, I love sales too!!!!! So, I couldn't go wrong when I found this purse on sale for HALF OFF!!!! I HAD to get it :)

And then after I bought it... I felt incredibly guilty. My hubby had a horrible day with things going wrong, and then we had to spend a bit of money to get him a second car that we NEED! So, I guess my bag wasn't a justified purchase. Even if it was only $20....
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