Monday, January 2, 2012

1/365+1 { attempt #2 }

Last year I decided to jump on the 365 bandwagon. I was really adamant about doing it! I was excited and ready! And then, 2 days after I started.... I forgot.... lol!! This year I would really like to try again. TRY being the key word! Who knows how long I will make it. But, I will at least try.... 2 days, 2 weeks... heck, maybe I will make it 2 months... or MORE!!!! Guess only time will tell!

I am not going to rely solely on my BIG camera. I will be utilizing my iPhone camera as well!! Because, well, I seem to take more pictures with that than anything else these days! {Why, hello Instagram! } So, here I go.... day 1 of my 365!

We are starting off 2012 settled in our new home! In the gorgeous state of Alaska! The scenery is breathtaking in every direction!! This view... RIGHT outside our front door!!! This is going to be an amazing adventure!!!


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