Sunday, January 1, 2012

See ya 2011. Bring ON 2012!

Wow! I can't believe it is 2012 already! I think I say this every New Year's about the number going up 1 notch! Lol! But, it is really crazy to think that 12 years ago everyone had just stopped freaking out about Y2K! It doesn't seem like that long ago!

So, 2012! It is really going to be an amazing year!!! I am looking forward to it!!!! 2011 was a rough one. We went through a lot of uncertainty regarding different situations in our lives, but we pulled through! God definitely brought us through!

A lot of good happened in 2011 along with the not so good. We started the year off great! Madison had just gotten over a horrible case of Rota-virus and was the sickest I had ever seen her. She really scared us! But, by the new year, she was 100%! The beginning of 2011 started off with a liiiiiittle bit of snow. Who knew we would end 2011 with over 3ft of it!!!! We went through a bunch of medical stuff with Nicholas, and eventually got a diagnosis (that we are still a little unsure of...), we had loose teeth and then gaps in mouths for the older two! We had orders, we didn't have orders, we had orders again, then we had... well you have orders but we don't know if you are going.... then we had HARD ORDERS!!!! lol!!!! We had ups, we had downs... but, it wasn't a horrible year.

The biggest and BEST thing that happened were those orders. We packed up our life and headed north on November 30th. We made a long, but exciting trip from LA to AK! It was a rough trip, but it was an AMAZING trip! One that I would LOVE to do again, but I will NEVER do again!!! lol!!!

We made it though! We are LIVING in Alaska! Something I never thought would happen. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would be living in Alaska! It is AMAZING! We are loving every second of it!!! We are in a new place, so we get a fresh start!!! It is going to be an amazing year!

Hubby and I have talked and made some decisions and goals for this coming year. As hard of a decision as it was, I am not going to open up my photography business here in Alaska... just yet. I am going to wait at least a year. I need to focus more on family this year. Last year was ROUGH with the photography business. It was beyond stressful, and I didn't even break even. I spent more money on it and more time worrying about it than I did enjoying time with my husband and kids. This year, we are starting an adventure! And I want to make sure I am "here" and enjoying the adventure with my family. Not stressing about taxes, and pulling in clients, and if I am going to make a profit, and will I hurt this persons feelings if I charge what I am worth! No, this year is about the CRAIG'S!!! IN ALASKA!

Photography is a big {BIG} part of my life! It is my passion!!! I love everything about it!!! And, well... it is something I am good at!! No, I am not even CLOSE to being an amazing photographer! But, I can say that I am good at what I do! If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't put myself out there to capture the lives of other people. I WILL come back to it. This year I will be building up my gear and my props. And when I do come back... I am going to focus on what I love photographing the most.... newborns! That is where my heart is! Capturing those sweet little babies in their first few weeks of life. Pure innocence! I'm looking forward to coming back refreshed!!

2012 is about US!
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