Thursday, January 5, 2012


My kids have only ever been in a school that requires a "dress code". AKA uniforms. I was always ok with this! I didn't mind them having to wear the same thing as everyone else! But, with it being the start of Mackenzie's 4th year in a school setting with uniforms. She was getting tired of it. Mackenzie likes to express herself!! She likes to pick out her own clothes and "try" to do her hair! That is who she has always been!!

So, when she found out that there were no school uniforms here.... she was ECSTATIC!!!! "Mommy!!! You mean I get to wear MY OWN CLOTHES!!!" Not that the uniforms weren't HERS!! I knew where she was going with it!!! Lol!!

Today was there second day at there new school! They LOVE the school!!! And so do I!!! The staff is fantastic!!! They are very helpful and they are right on top of things!!! I think they are going to make the next 4 years fantastic for my kids!!! Let's hope they prove me right!!

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♥Jess♥ said...

I'm glad that the children are enjoying their new school!! :) It's always best when they like school.


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