Monday, September 24, 2012


Ok, so, I am totally cheating here! I am just cross posting from my photography blog. Just sharing some recent pictures of the kids! 
The past few weeks have been nothing but wind and rain! It's been quite ridiculous actually! The sun barely made an appearance! I was pushing off my kids fall/school pictures for a while. Mainly because I was waiting for the leaves to change color, but also because my kids HATE having their pictures taken these days. So, I was trying to avoid battles. But, with the weather we have been having lately, when the sun peeked through the grey storm clouds on Saturday, and a friend gave me a heads up on a place JUST down the road to get some awesome fall foliage pictures... well, we bolted out the door! Dog in tow!
Honestly, I think the dog is what REALLY got my kids to enjoy their pictures this time around! We had never been able to let Ruby off the leash to just RUN before! We were scared she would just run off and not come back. But, my husband decided enough was enough. We'd never know if we never tried! So, off came the leash and OFF went the dog!! She RAN! Ruby is a Greyhound. She is a racing dog at heart even though she has never raced a day in her life. {Well, besides the racetrack she has turned our back yard in to!} She went full speed in circles around us. And then she ran off to the woods. Our hearts stopped for a few seconds ... ... ... and then we saw her bolt back up over the hill and back to us! [WHEW!] She was FREE! And she was loving it! And so were my kids! They were giggling and cracking up! And they were so willing to sit and let me take pictures of them while they watched the dog run around with daddy! I think Ruby will be a mandatory/vital piece of "equipment" I lug with me when getting pictures of my kids!
I am REALLY excited about these pictures! My kids NEVER let me get images of them like this! So, when they were more than willing... I just kept snapping! I got A TON of pictures! I went through them all so many times and I didn't have the heart to cut too many of them. But, now I have a dilemma... which ones am I going to order for canvases in the house???

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