Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I did it again...

I know I don't seem to be on here much these days. In fact, I am not really on here at all. But, I thought maybe if I at least keep up on the appearance of my blog, maybe it will prompt me to write a blog post or more.... And, that it did. So, I did it again, I changed my blog look, AGAIN! This time, I went for the fall look!!! My favorite time of the year! I kept it a bit simple, and I love it!

I love the cold weather! Hoodies & sweatshirt weather is the best! I am not a fan of summer. I never really was. I think living in Louisiana for 7 years, enduring the terrible heat and humidity, has made me turn my back even more on summer. Though, summers in Alaska are amazing! I enjoyed this summer here, the temps never went above 75*. So, maybe I will start to enjoy summer for the first time since I was a kid! I guess we will see next year when summer rolls around again for a brief few weeks!

So, with the fall, school is back in session! Kenzie is in 3rd grade this year. She started school a week before Nicholas did. So, she was by herself on the first day.

She is doing really well all around. We had an open house the week before last and her teacher had nothing but great things to say about her! He is very happy with how hard she is working and how CALM { was he talking about the same kid?? } she is. He is very happy with her readin, though he wants to get her to read a little faster. Math is not her best subject { she gets her skillz from her daddy... }, but he said he is not worried about her falling behind.

Nicholas is in 1st grade. Since it was his first day of 1st grade, I drove him to school so I could snap some pictures of course! I think he was glad that I brought him in myself. He was pretty nervous. This was a new school for the kids. Since we moved before school ended last year, I just drove them all the way up to their old school to finish out the year. They transferred to the base school for this year.

Nicholas is working really hard in school. He is still having a lot of difficulty, but his teacher is AWESOME! She has a background in special education, so she has been able to help him out a lot! And when she can't give him the one on one he needs, she is able send him down to the Special Education teacher to help him with his work. They have both been working really hard with him and he really likes them both! We are working on reading sight words still and we've been working on math! 

Madison is still home with mommy. She keeps my days interesting! I think she misses her brother and sister being home, but I am pretty sure she is enjoying quality time with the dog... and me. Though, I think she likes the dog better! lol!!! She has been very much in to dress up these days! She even dresses the dog up! Ruby has been dolled up in the latest toddler dress up fashions! Poor dog! She just wants to be lazy and sleep... ALL DAY! 

 This kid is crazy wrapped up in a little person!!!
Try letting someone with that expression do YOUR hair!!! 

I think next year we are going to look in to getting this girl in to preschool. I never put my other two in to preschool, just Pre-K. But, I think Madison will really enjoy it. We are working on a lot of stuff at home. She is counting to almost 20 and we are ALMOST there with her colors! She has them for the most part, but she likes to goof off a lot! lol!!! She knows most of the shapes ( that she should know! None of those crazy shapes yet! lol ) 

Anyway, life has been moving a long here! Fall is here and on its way out and winter is coming again We are ALL excited!!! Well, maybe not the dog! lol! She doesn't have much to keep her warm. Pretty sure I will be buying her a few sweaters and boots to get her through the cold temperatures!! We are looking forward to playing in the snow, tubing, hiking, etc!!! We had so much fun last winter in all the snow! We can't wait for it to start again!
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