Wednesday, October 10, 2012

At least I'm blogging... right?

Yes, yes. Another cross post. Hey! At least I'm blogging!!!!


This poor child. My poor husband! I think I am going to drive them both insane!
I have seen so many gorgeous bridges in the area. Only, I have seen them in pictures. There is ONE bridge though, that REALLY caught my eye! The bright, bold, BLUE color just POPS in pictures! I fell in love. So, I set myself on a mission. I have been on this mission for MONTHS! I have dragged my husband and children to several parks hunting for this bridge. But, I could not find it. I've asked people if they knew where it was, but I grew impatient. I think my husband was seeing that. So, my wonderful, awesome, amazing, annoyed husband set himself on a mission. To find this dang bridge before his wife drove him batty!!! And, he succeeded!!! He found THE bridge! After hunting for a while on Google and Bing, cross searching and narrowing down, he finally pin pointed the bridge! And if he wasn't awesome enough after doing that, he even came with me to take pictures of our three year old at THE bridge! ( Yeah, I'm keeping him! <3 p="p">Poor Madison has been my only subject these days, with her brother and sister i school! The poor girl is either in front of my iPhone or my big camera several times a day! ( mostly my iPhone! ) I am pretty sure she is getting sick of me using her as my subject. But, well, let's face it, she is ADORABLE!! ( No, I'm not just saying that because I am her momma!!! ) The camera LOVES her! ( ok, so, it's really me!! But, can you blame me!?!? ) And I am so thrilled with the pictures I got of her at this location! I can't wait to get her brother and sister down there and get some images of them there too!!! Maybe, just maybe... I will get brave and put myself in front of the camera with my husband and kids to get some recent family pictures. I REALLY need to start doing that more!!!!

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