Friday, November 2, 2012

So, a little change of pace...

Yesterday's blog post was a bit rough. I actually regretted it for a few minutes after I posted it. But, I am glad I left it up. I'm sure people may get annoyed with my posts of frustration and annoyances with my kids. But, like I said, I'm human, I'm real. I post the good AND the bad. I find it comforting to read other people's "bad" posts. Not because I take pleasure in other people having a rough time. But, it helps me to realize I'm not alone. I am not the only one having a hard time getting my kids to listen to me. I am not the only mom out there who has a child that can drive her to tears. Sure, it's not something I WANT to read. But, it sure helps me get through the day to know that I am not the worst mother in the world because she just wants to lock herself in the bathroom for a few hours to get some peace and quiet, and that I am not the only mom to a special needs child who sometimes just wants to rip her hair out and scream.

So, AAAAAAANYWAY! On to a good post :)

Halloween!  I had been looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time!! I was dreading the cold, because really, who wants to walk their kids around in Halloween costumes up and down the street in the freezing cold ( 12* ). But, I was excited because my kids were so excited about it!  They were ready for weeks! Madison was so excited from the time she woke up and her sister told her it was trick or treat day! I had errands I had to run, so she was bummed she couldn't get ready in her costume. But, as soon as we got home and had lunch, I turned her in to a Tiger. Well, I tried to anyway! I had never done face painting before. So, it wasn't perfect. But, she loved it!

As soon as the older two got home from school, they ALL wanted to get ready and go trick or treating. Too bad the base rules wouldn't allow it until 6pm! So, they had to wait! Time passed quickly, our friends got here at 6, and off we went! 

 Erin and I only made it around our street before we got too cold! She had her brand new itty bitty baby girl with her ( who I am photographing TOMORROW!!! ), so she needed to get her out of the cold! But, the daddy's took the kids to the next street over for some more TOT'ing. And then they got too cold! The kids didn't complain about coming in though. They seemed alright with getting out of the cold! Next year, I think we are all going to dress up as an Eskimo Sled team!!! Lol!! Maybe we can keep warm that way!

So, now that Halloween is over, our countdown begins!
  • 20 days until Thanksgiving
  • 24 days until Nicholas' 7th Birthday
  • 27 days until Kenzie's 9th Birthday
  • 52 days until Christmas
  • 56 days until Madison's Birthday

So glad I have put a nice chunk in our birthday/holiday shopping! Now, to finish!

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Melanie said...

OMG maddy bug is too stinkin cute. the others too but she is PRECIOUS.


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