Thursday, May 6, 2010

RIP Little Blue Bird

I saved this poor baby bluejay from the neighborhood kids the day before yesterday. I am not sure if he (or she, not exactly sure??) was injured or just fell out of the nest and couldn't get back up, or is maybe learning to fly (fledging?). But the neighborhood kids were tormenting him :( Throwing him in the air, poking him with sticks. Just being mean after I asked them to leave him alone SEVERAL times.

Sweet Baby Blue Bird

So, I put him in a box on the porch with some old t-shirts and hoped he would make it through the night. I checked on him the next morning and he was perfectly fine! In fact, momma was sitting in the tree above him and she kept flying down and feeding him :) So, I am guessing she kept feeding him through the night!!! What a great momma bird!

Sweet Baby Blue Bird

After I was sure that all of the neighborhood kids were off to school, I put him back in the field where the kids had found him. His(or her??) momma continued to feed him. Soon after I put him back out there I heard the rumbles of lawnmowers!!! So, I ran out to find him and put him back in the box until the landscapers were done.

Sweet Baby Blue Bird

After the rumbles had faded and I was sure they were done mowing the field, I put him back out there. Momma continued to feed him and take care of him and the kids were leaving him alone, so I left him out there for the night. I went across the street to the tree and checked on him in the morning, and he didn't make it :( I should have put him back in the box for the night. I think the temp dropped down too low for him and he just couldn't regulate his temp through the night. Poor momma was up in the branch above him when I found him :(

Sweet little bluebird.... RIP...

Sweet Baby Blue Bird
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