Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A month and a half has slipped by...

Things have been pretty busy around here. Ok, well not JUST around here. In New York too! The first two weeks of my absence were all in preparation of our month long vacation! And of course, the last 4 weeks were all spent on said vacation! 

We had a blast visiting with family and friends, and I hate that it is over. I hate being back at Barkatraz ( with no orders waiting for us upon our return like we had hoped for, BOOOO ). But, I am very glad to be back in our own space. Trying to keep our little ones out of everything at my mother-in-laws house was NOT very easy. It isn't a baby proof house by any means. But, my MIL's "baby" is 26 years old now. So, it is understandable!

We had lot of fun back HOME! We did so many things! I have TONS of pictures!! But, I need to get to editing them all first!!! WHEW! That is going to take a while. I did take over a thousand :)

But, we are home now. And I SERIOUSLY need to get this house in order, fill out applications ( for pre-K, speech eval, Shriners hospital, etc! ). So much to do.

Before I hop off of here though... happy HALF BIRTHDAY to Miss Maddybug!!! She is 18 months old today!!!! I can't believe it!!!Just six months from now she will be TWO!!!







( we went to the Jersey Shore on one of our adventures while back in NY! More pics to come soon! )
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