Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now that the excitement has died down a bit...

...or not!

Life is still crazy busy around here as always! Well child visits, speech and OT, dental appointments, dental work!!! So much stuff going on!!! So much that I hardly got a chance to take our Christmas pictures. Or rather, the Christmas pictures of my kids. Every year I promise myself that THIS will be the year that I do a FAMILY picture for our FAMILY Christmas card. And every year I have promised that, I have failed. Majorly failed. And of course, this year was no different. I did not get our family Christmas pictures. In fact, I barely got in Christmas pictures of just my kids!

My kids have grown up and changed so much! They don't really care to let me document their lives with my camera anymore. In fact, getting a picture of them is like pulling teeth! But, I did manage to get a few. Just enough to pick through and make a Christmas card with. Which I have not ordered yet... EEEP!

So, some recent Christmas-y pics of my kiddos!

When it starts off like this... you know it is going to be ROUGH!

At least the Santa hat... errrr, the little bit of the Santa hat that is showing is in focus! 

Take 3...

Take 4...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, that's as good as it is getting folks!

We tried   ...  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!!!!! You wouldn't believe how many bubbles I cloned out of this picture. All to get them all to at least sit still for 2 seconds and look in the same direction! The task really is not as easy as it sounds! I find it SO.MUCH.EASIER to photograph other people's kids!! My kids... sheeesh! I can barely get one decent shot out of 40! So, this is it! That right up there is our christmas card picture!!!

And of course I tried to sneak in a few individual shots!

The oldest!

The Boy...
And the itty bitty who isn't so itty bitty anymore!

Seriously, I think next year I am going to beg my friend Amanda to meet us halfway and we will do a Christmas session swap!!! Maybe she can get my kids to sit still AND I will get some family pictures!!!!! 

So, besides Christmas shots, I grabbed some other shots of the older two! First one is of Mackenzie. I just love this picture of her! She is gorgeous. Yes, I may be a bit biased. But, she is! I just ADORE this picture of her! She looks so much older than 7! That light is stunning!!! And it just brings out so much in her! 

And then this picture of my little guy!!! Hehe!!! I love this pic! Remember a few weeks back when I posted about the awesome giveaway? And then a few days later I posted about winning that giveaway? Well, I got my Curious Fox beanie last week from Melon and Pebble! And I LOVE it!!!! Nicholas does too!!! And well, Maddy does as well, but it is a little big on her! But, it fits Nicholas and he thought it was too cool! He loved the ears!!! And I love the pic!

I love this hat NOT ONLY because it is abbbbbbbsolutely adorable! But, I love it because Nicholas was VERY proud to wear it in a picture! Therefore he actually looked at me and smiled for a picture <3 

I also did some portraits of Maddybug. She is going to be TWO in just under 3 weeks. Goodness, where in the world has the time gone. My last bitty one is going to be TWO! I can't get over how much she has gone through and changed in the 2 years of her life! From all of the tummy issues and threats of hospitalization to this spunky, sassy, silly ball of personality! I love every second of it!!! This girl cracks her daddy and I up on a daily basis! She is just so fun! She keeps us smiling! 
So, I took my new {old} chair, some purple and pink balloons, and a big 'ole lollipop out to a GORGEOUS field a few days ago. And these were my results! Not quite what I was wanting, but I still love them! I was hoping for some more close ups, but she wasn't having it!
Then we went to an old abandoned train. And this is my favorite shot out of them all!!!! 

Life is crazy with three kids! But, I wouldn't have it any other way! We've got Christmas, Maddy's birthday, and New Year's coming up! So, pretty sure things aren't slowing down any time soon! 

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